On the fence about joining Fulltime Families? So were we.

There are a lot of adjectives to describe the full-time travel lifestyle. Beautiful, freeing, wonderful, exciting, memorable, inspiring, and fun are all accurate descriptions! Lonely can be another accurate word. I can image someone laughing and saying, “how can you be lonely when you there are 6 of you sharing 300 square feet?!” I am lucky enough to be married to my best friend and have four of the best kids in the world – all five of my roommies are funny, interesting, entertaining, and fun to talk to! And I wouldn’t give up all this time with my family for ANYTHING. That definitely does not mean I don’t miss talking to other people! Variety is the spice of life as they say and we were all missing that. We are a pretty close family and none of us are particularly social butterflies. We have always been pretty content spending our nights and weekends with each other. I don’t think any of us (except our teenager, of course) realized how much we socialized at work and school, or how much we would miss that interaction. We knew about Fulltime Families but honestly didn’t see what we were getting for the enrollment fee. We were skeptical about what paying to part of “the community” would actually get it us – especially since we don’t go to campgrounds very often and wouldn’t likely see any members. So we didn’t.

In June we saw family on the east coast and we made some great connections with people along the road (who, thanks to social media, we are keeping in contact with 💌) but until December we didn’t spend significant time with anyone besides each other. We pulled up to my brothers early in December and spent the next almost 5 weeks with constant company. It was nice to have all new conversations, perspectives, ideas, and stories to hear! During the same time I got a virtual job and that opened me up to more people. It felt gooooood! 

When we left California we headed straight to Quartzsite, AZ for the big RV show there (videos here!). The area is known for almost 1,000,000 RVers boondocking there the week of the show! We didn’t know a single one of the million people there, LOL. We felt a little overwhelmed with the idea of pulling into the area “alone” and just randomly choosing a spot. We literally signed up for Fulltime Families as we drove into Arizona and they sent us the dropped pin to where they were gathering. It was one of the best decisions we have made since we left sticks and bricks! We spent the next week meeting like minded people and all of them have kids! There were forty families!! There was someone for each of my kids to bond with and Mike and I made several new friends. We even did a video collaboration with two of them. You can watch it here. We have already connected with several families a couple of times since Quartzsite and it has only been a month! It was a serious game changer for us. We all agree that we feel like we are now part of a community and we feel much less lonely. Right now we are waiting for two families to arrive to spend the next week or two boondocking with us! I think it has eased a burden off us to not have to be everything to each other all the time and renewed our sense of fun and excitement. We also love the online community and the information and support we get there. We really undervalued what we could get for the membership fee. If you are going to RV full-time I strongly STRONGLY encourage you to join before you hit the road! Join here!* Then, sign up for a rally, meet up, or event (some are freeeeee) (and don’t get caught up in all the verbage and just roll with it 😉) so you have a chance to meet some people. I promise you won’t be the only newbie. There are several Facebook groups that cater to individual interests including YouTube filmers, IT nomads, travel nurses, etc. We even signed up for a Boondockers Anonymous Group and have met some fantastic families out in the wild!

P.S. If you do decide to join FTF, sign up for that membership first because it gets you free or discounted memberships to other things – like Good Sam and Xscapers!

P.P.S. If you use this link to buy your discount we earn a small commission. I wrote this blog post before becoming affiliates and didn’t change a word after. We stand by every word, paid for or not!

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