Five reasons why casinos are great places to boondock

If you are like most RVers you know there is one big question that pops up all the time – if home is where I park it, where should that be? If you like boondocking (that means camping without any hookups outside of a campground, usually for free – but I bet you already knew that) then I am telling you, casinos are a fantastic option! We can’t always be in the woods or on a beach like we would like. Sometimes your travels take you through cities or in places where dispersed camping isn’t an option. Here are five reasons you should give casinos a try!

Video that includes our Casino stop in Washington

If there is a cost, it includes some entertainment at least.

Boondocking in casino parking lots are almost always completely free. However, some casinos require you to gamble a little to earn a set amount of “reward points” in order to stay overnight. You sign up for their free Players Club and then play some slots for a little while while sipping on your free soda or coffee. It has never cost us more than $10-$15 to earn the 20 or 30 points they usually require – sometimes we break even or even win some money! I figure it is a better deal than paying to dry camp somewhere because the money here is at least spent doing something fun! Not a bad deal! If you are on a budget, or you just prefer to be self contained in your RV, it is a win-win!


Casinos usually have good security. They have guards who patrol the lots and we have never been to one that didn’t have some kind lighting and cameras as well. I am not naive enough to think that this is just a customer service. They have security for a reason and you can come across some strange ducks! Just do like you always do when boondocking – keep your wits about you, make sure your stuff is secure, and enjoy the adventure! If you wanted boring and predictable, you probably wouldn’t have chosen this lifestyle anyway!

They are happy you are there!

Casinos are happy to accomodate you! They have always been super friendly to us when we come in. They hope you make your way into their building and have a good time losing a little money! They aren’t in a rush for you to go either. They want you to get comfortable and stay awhile. Most places have a three night limit and as long as you register with security, they don’t mind if you unhook your trailer and leave it there during the day. It is a great option if you want to go somewhere that isn’t RV friendly. For example, when we went to see the redwoods in Crescent City, CA our trailer was too big for the scenic drive through the trees. We stayed at a tiny little casino that was literally less than ½ mile away from the entrance to the Redwoods National Forest. In Washington state we stayed at a casino in Sequim that was a perfect launching point for several day trips (that one also had first come first serve free electric hookups! What the what?!)

Good locations

Casinos are often strategically built near tourist spots or, at the very least, close to the highway. Down the 101 they are everywhere!

Food and other amenities:

Aside from gambling there are often other things to do at the casinos. There are usually good restaurants, cafes, and bars. There might be a fun band playing, or outlet stores to check out. Once, at a casino in Canada, we were literally right next to a race track and watched horses race by through our living room window as we ate a home-cooked meal. That is tough to beat!

Next time you are looking for a convenient boondocking spot, do a quick search for a casino. We are headed to one now!

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  1. This was our view at Cache Creek Casino in Brooks, CA! Not too shabby!!


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