Three reasons to visit the northwest coast off season

When people travel we tend to follow sunshine and warm weather. Rarely do we want to load up our suitcases with scarves, and our thickest, warmest socks without the promise of the thrills of fresh powder and black diamonds. We pretty much never want to pack umbrellas and rain boots. Crazy hair and ponchos don’t make for sexy vacation photos.

But. Except. What if?

When was the last time you stepped outside and into a dream? Walked in clouds and smelled the wet Earth? Have you ever had an entire stretch of beach to yourself? Seen a Bald Eagle soar over the ocean?

Your senses will sigh

Lake Crescent, WA

Soft. The Olympic Peninsula in the late fall is soft. The ground, the air, everything you see. Even the tallest and sturdiest of trees – if they aren’t covered with gorgeous moss then the shimmery air around it blurs the lines and takes away any harsh edges. The downed trees that lay on the beach have been smoothed by water and time. The forest is carpeted with autumn leaves and everything is quiet. The clouds themselves seem to come down just for you so they can keep away the harsh noises of the world. From the grey beaches to the lush green forests the sights, smells, and feel of the air on your cheeks will make you take a deep breath, close your eyes, and smile to yourself. It is like a reprieve from reality and your own moment in a real dream-like world.

The animals

Seagulls at Rialto Beach

A bird watchers dream! Even those of us who don’t particularly dig that sort of thing can’t deny the beauty of a bald eagle or the sweetness of little polivers running so fast on the beach you can’t see their little feet.

The tide pools are teeming with life – crabs, sea anemones, sea stars, and other creatures I can’t name.

Herds of elk and deer are roaming about so keep your eyes out when you pass lakes, streams, and clearings.

Some solitude

Most people aren’t as adventurous as you and you will be rewarded for your willingness to go your own way! Prepare for quiet drives and empty beaches. And lines? What lines? You will get individualized attention nearly everywhere you go! Strangers in your perfect photograph of the sea stacks and waves? Nah. Whether you seek out some quiet alone time, or a relaxing get-away with friends or family, you will not be disappointed. The Northwest offers just the peace and solitude you seek!

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