From Gobble Gobble to HoHoHo: Traditions and Gifts in an RV, Tiny Home, or any home!

As the holiday season approaches many of us think fondly on past years and how we have celebrated. One of my favorite memories is drinking hot cocoa after walking home from midnight mass on Christmas Eve. I always loved haggling over the wishbone after Thanksgiving dinner with my six brothers and sisters. With my own kids we always open one gift on Christmas Eve – everyone gets new jammies! We also have a crazy elf (okay, we have two elves) on the shelf visiting our house between Thanksgiving and Christmas day. This year is our first year living and traveling full-time in our RV. Our traditions will have to adjust to our current lifestyle and I’m hoping to introduce some new traditions as well. I took to social media to pick the brains of fellow travelers as well as stick and brick families who live tiny to get ideas. I got all kinds of ideas and from lots of different people with different beliefs and styles. Here they are!


  • Fry that turkey outside! Or grill it!happy-thanksgiving-1842910_960_720
  • Organize a potluck at your campground.
  • Eat out: Chinese or local fare seem to be the most popular.
  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen.
  • Order your dinner from a supermarket.
  • Pack an extra special picnic and go somewhere cool to eat!
  • Have a non-traditional feast of everyone’s favorite foods!


  • Buy Command Hooks! Obviously!multi-colored-christmas-tree-with-star-on-top
  • String lights inside and/or outside the camper.
  • Decorate a tree outside.
  • Get a really (really) slim tree.
  • Or a table tree
  • Make a paper or felt tree on the wall or buy a decal.
  • Collect sticks from your different campsites for a few weeks and string them together to make a tree. Like this.
  • String lights in the shape of a Christmas tree on the wall!
  • Hang a garland instead of a tree and hang ornaments from that
  • Paper chain. We write what we are thankful for one chain every night and add it to the chain. This is my favorite thing!
  • Colored light bulbs.
  • Stockings hung on the wall or under the TV.
  • Window clings
  • Shatterproof ornaments!
  • String popcorn, cranberries, or dried orange peels.

Activities when traveling:

  • Use an Advent Calendar and/or design a countdown to Christmas day. Here is mine!
  • Find all the Candy Cane Lanes!
  • Most areas have special holiday activities. Google lighting, festivals, etc
  • Go Christmas Caroling (the beauty is no one knows you so it’s okay if you can’t carry a tune!)
  • Volunteer somewhere! These websites can help you find where to go: and
  • Make and distribute care packages with food and toiletries for the homeless.
  • Knit hats, scarfs, and gloves for the homeless.
  • Read/tell a different Christmas story or watch a different Christmas movie every night!
  • Pass out candy canes as you sight see around town!
  • Elf on the Shelf – ours help to keep it fun around here!

Gift Ideas:

  • Memberships (like ASTC, an aquarium, or a local zoo)
  • Gift cards for experiences like movies, bowling, golf, horseback riding
  • Tickets to an event like a ballet, play, whale watching tour, or sporting event.
  • Arcade tokens
  • Restaurant gift cards
  • Pay for a class or lessons like painting, self defense, motorcycle (or bicycle) safety
  • Small electronics like iPads or Kindles (ones that double as a homeschool device are a plus!)
  • iTunes or Google Play gift cards
  • Contribute to a fund (college, savings, Disney trip)
  • 4 gift rule: Everyone gets four gifts! Something to read, something to wear, something they need, and something they want.
  • Cash, VISA gift cards, or Amazon credit
  • Bicycle accessories (bells, baskets, spoke lights, helmets)
  • Hiking equipment like hiking poles, Camelbacks, or binoculars.
  • Sand toys, sidewalk chalk, bubbles
  • A collapsible wagon
  • A personalized wall calendar
  • SD cards for cameras
  • Gift card for a photo album from Shutterfly
  • Check out our website for RV accessory ideas!

While goodness should be shared year-round, the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas offers us a lot of opportunities and reminders to be thankful and joyful with our friends and families.

Happy Holidays from Four Kids Four Corners!

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