Christmas Countdown Activities

A 2018 Christmas Countdown from Four Kids Four Corners!

All your days from Thanksgiving to Christmas are planned for you!

There is a list of all the materials you will need at the bottom.

Printable PDF here

Day Activity Elf Mischief                       (after midnight)
1. Thursday, November 22 (Thanksgiving) Introduce and start a Thankful Chain. Have 33 strips of festive colored paper cut. Write what each person is thankful for on a strip of paper each night until Christmas and add it to an ever growing paper chain! Tonight is the arrival! Really mom, that is enough! Just their appearance is exciting enough!
2. Friday, November 23 Cue up the Christmas music and decorate the house! Those of you who decorate the day after Halloween get the day off! Have the elf decorate a spot of the house (like the bathroom!) with streamers.
3. Saturday, November 24

Keep up with the chain until Christmas but the real countdown starts in December!

Find your elf taking a marshmallow bath!
4. Sunday, November 25 Your elf had fun swinging on the ceiling fan last night!
5. Monday, November 26 Elf is hiding in the cereal box!
6. Tuesday, November 27 Elf is riding in a toy car.
7. Wednesday, November 28 Elf leaves “seeds” and a bowl of sugar “soil” for them to be “planted” in. The kids put the seeds in the soil before school. When they get home, a treat has grown!– Chocolate chips become cookies or brownies– A peppermint turns into candy cane– Almonds turn into Almond Joys– Peanuts become Snickers
8. Thursday, November 29 Elf is stringing Fruit Loops onto a pipe cleaner.
9. Friday, November 30 Elf leaves a list of jokes.
10. Saturday, December 1 Set up your Christmas tree! Wake up to candy canes hidden everywhere! The elf can leave a note with how many there are to find.
11. Sunday, December 2 Write letters to Santa. Elf and toys caught playing Go Fish under the tree!
12. Monday, December 3 Donate a gift to Toys for Tots. Elf and toys having a party! You will need some party supplies to set the scene.
13. Tuesday, December 4 Write a thank you letter to a soldier. Here is how. Elf writes a message on the bathroom mirror.
14. Wednesday, December 5 Download and play the “Heads Up” app. So fun! Cute Christmas Lego sets (like this one) that are too hard for your elf can be finished by your kiddo!
15. Thursday, December 6 Have snowman shaped pancakes for dinner. The elf  delivers the ingredients for the pancakes.
16. Friday, December 7 Find a live Nativity or read the story of the first Christmas. Elf is in a cotton ball igloo. You will need glue!
17. Saturday, December 8 Go out on the town and pass out candy canes to random people to spread some cheer! Delivers red, white,  and green Play Doh.
18. Sunday, December 9 Community service! Volunteer somewhere, clean up a local park, or deliver a meal to someone who needs it! Elf is watching cartoons in the morning with the remote in hand!
19. Monday, December 10 Send a Christmas card to a friend or family member. The elf delivers the craft materials.
20. Tuesday, December 11 Do a Christmas craft. Elf is caught raiding the refrigerator!
21. Wednesday, December 12 Go see Santa! Toilet paper the tree!
22. Thursday, December 13 Print Christmas coloring pages and color them! Elf is coloring leftover pages!
23. Friday, December 14 Make a gingerbread house! Elf  made you a snow angel out of sugar!
24. Saturday, December 15 Go bowling or to an arcade. Elf is sleeping in a kleenex box.
25. Sunday, December 16 Make homemade pizza together. Elf found half in a bag of M&Ms.
26. Monday, December 17 Go see a movie. Elf spells everyone’s names in Cheerios on the dining room table!
27. Tuesday, December 18 Have a holiday drink: eggnog, apple cider, or make homemade butterbeer! Elf is reading a book or toy catalog.
28. Wednesday, December 19 Drive around and see Christmas lights. Elf stacks three rolls of toilet paper and makes them look like a snowman using black and orange paper and a little scarf.
29. Thursday, December  20 Have a family game night! Elf made a little bed on the floor of the kids room and is sleeping there.
30. Friday, December 21 Watch the Polar Express and drink cocoa The elf hangs a bell on the Christmas tree
31. Saturday, December 22 Sing Christmas songs – maybe even go caroling! Here is a website with lyrics. Elf is on one walkie talkie, another toy is in another room on the other.
32. Sunday, December 23 Bake cookies – yum! Elf caught with his hand in the cookie jar!
33. Monday, December 24 Everyone opens one gift – pajamas! Sprinkle reindeer food outside (we use oatmeal), and read “The Night Before Christmas.” Elf brings donuts for breakfast.
34. Tuesday December 25! Merry Christmas! See you next year note left behind!


Materials for Countdown

(*some are also listed under the elf column)

Materials for elf shenanigans Great Christmas Books and Movies

*Pancake ingredients (don’t forget something for the eyes, nose, and mouth)

*Candy Canes

Gingerbread house kit

Pizza Ingredients

Drink Ingredients

Hot Cocoa

Cookies ingredients



33 strips of paper for paper chain

Envelopes, paper, and stamps

Toy for donation

“Heads Up” app

Christmas Card

*Craft materials

Printable coloring pages

Board Game

Polar Express Movie

Pajamas for everyone

An Elf!



Sugar, “seeds,” and “plant”(save the sugar for the snow angels on day 23)

Candy canes (save some to pass out on day 17)


Pancake ingredients (don’t forget something for the eyes, nose, and mouth)

Fruit Loops



Streamers (save some for day 12)

Pipe cleaner

List of jokes (here’s one)

Deck of Cards

Party Supplies

Lego Set (like this one)

Cotton balls


Red, green, and white Play Doh

Craft materials

Toilet paper (four rolls total)

Black and orange paper


Kleenex box

Check out this list of movies!

Here are some amazing books!

***We are members of the Amazon Affiliates Program! Order though this or several of the links on these pages and support us anonymously! As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. It does not affect your cost at all. Thank you!***

***We are members of the Amazon Affiliates Program! Order though this or several of the links on these pages and support us anonymously! As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. It does not affect your cost at all. Thank you!***

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