On the Road!

Okay. I am guilty of being a terrible blogger. It has been over three months since my last post. On the flip side, I am a good friend because I saved you from uninteresting “getting ready to hit the road” posts. So, you’re welcome.

After quitting our jobs 🀒, selling my car 😒, sorting through 100% of stuff (again) 😫, and packing up 99% of it for storage 😳 we are actually ON THE ROAD 😎! As the girls would say, “oh em my geez!” Tonight will be the eighth night in the camper and we will officially be in our fourth state. I know, I know. We need to slow the heck down and that is lesson 38,158 of the week. The last week has been a roller coaster of emotions, a wealth of learning opportunities, a plethora of new views, and a cornucopia of experiences! In other words, it has been a lot. That is not a complaint by any means. I am just being real. It isn’t all sunsets and glorious-ness. I could sugar coat it all for you but that doesn’t help anyone. I read a lot of blogs about full time travel and got a handful of tips from them, but it was striking how glossy they all were. I promise to not be glossy. It’s not my style. My purpose in writing here is fourfold: to entertain, to educate, to inspire, and to prepare you. Not necessarily to get you on the road like we are, but to get you outside your comfort zone and doing something others will think you’re nuts for doing! We have had so many people comment on how brave we are! I don’t feel particularly brave – but I think it is cool that what we are doing creates a sense of awe for others. It makes me feel a little reckless and pretty bold! I hope that feeling is contagious!

So, advice from someone who has been bold for an entire week…

– Be realistic. Real adventure is part of REAL life. Bank accounts, dishes, no cell service, scraped knees, disagreements, and road closures happen. They can’t ruin the experience if you simply keep in mind that they are part of it.

– Be open. Open your heart, your mind, and your eyes! Attempt to see things (literally and figuratively) in new ways. Be willing to experience something with fresh perspective. It is humbling and exciting at the same time!

– Be present. This one is probably my biggest current struggle. I keep getting caught up in the nitty gritty of our journey (How do we get to where we are going? What we will do and where will we stay? How do I best organize the camper? When do we need to do laundry?) that I sometimes forget to look out the window or talk to my people! What is the point of it all then?!

I am off to bed now in our new, less-than-300 square foot home on wheels, feeling just the right amount of excitement, contentment, and anxiety about the next year. The next week includes friends and family, a trip to the vet, the Atlantic Ocean, grocery shopping, laundry, national monuments, job hunting, dishes, and train rides. Yep, I am good with all of that✌️

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