109 days to go!

Seven months ago we had no plans to travel full time except maybe after we retire. Mike had visions of me and him, a truck camper slapped on the back of our 1977 Chevy pickup with two scooters hanging off the back of it. Cruising the country in roughly the year 2050. In July, six months ago, the dream morphed into me, him, all four kids, a 36 foot travel trailer, and truck shopping with less than a year to hit the road. The house was listed in August. In September we accepted an offer. In October we bought our camper (Periwinkle!) and our truck. In November we lived in the camper for a month after we closed on our house and while we waited for our apartment to be ready. In December we were unpacking the apartment. Last week I gave my school district notice that I was resigning.

3 months, 21 days to go. Seems like forever!

Not that the next few months are going to be boring. We have quite a to-do list.

  • We need to fine tune our income plans
  • Periwinkle needs some TLC and new tires
    • frame repairs (yes, seriously)
    • adding a shelf in the bunkhouse cabinet
    • Mike is installing an drop extension to the countertop
    • new tail lights
    • replace all the interior lightbulbs with LED lights
    • install the keyless entry
    • test the fresh water tank
    • installing second battery and hooking it up in parallel
  • a few more purchases to make (a generator being priority one)
  • some homeschool decisions need to be made
  • repacking and storing all the apartment stuff
  • We need to plan our trip! I mean, seriously, the plan so far is to head north then west. Not sure how to program that into the GPS! Ha!

So, where should we go first?





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