For some reason we love to have start dates. “I will start drinking more water on Monday…,” “I will give up sugar starting the 1st of the month…,” “I will start exercising after the New Year…”

I suppose that the planning gives us a sense of control. It helps us prepare ourselves mentally for doing something we know will be challenging. Raise your hand if by Monday, or the 1st, or by New Year’s Day your enthusiasm for your goal has dwindled or slipped your mind altogether? Maybe you have pushed it back another week for one reason or another? I know I have been guilty of this a time or two (or two thousand). If I had stuck to every goal I would be the fittest, healthiest, most accomplished parent, teacher, and human you have ever met! Alas, too many start dates have passed without any real changes to speak of so I find myself still thinking, “I ought to start drinking more water on Monday…” and feeling like a lame-o. Make that a Lame-o with a capital L. I don’t need that kid of negativity in my life!

So here is my challenge to myself and I welcome you to join me! Pick ONE THING that you will start RIGHT NOW. Don’t wait. Don’t make grand plans. Don’t “set a goal” – just make a decision!

Now, please excuse me while I go fill my glass with refreshing ice water.

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